March 29, 2021

Join Me Tonight: Real Conversation. Real Connection

We’ve all had that conversation. It begins with a ​“Hey”​, and ends with a ​“Same”​. A redundant, back and forth, dead end exchange with some made-up persona you’ve based off of a few pictures and a cleverly written About Me. Or there’s another kind of text-a-thon. The one that’s loaded with GIFs and LOLs and puts a smile on your face every time you check your phone. The one that gets you all giddy inside with built up anticipation, but never amounts to an actual face to face interaction. As ghosting culture becomes the norm, even the trendiest dating apps start to lose their credibility. We are left with just another method of scrolling away our boredom; another data sucker taking up space on our devices; just another screen to open to clear that annoying red notification bubble.

After two and a half decades of online dating and various meet up sites, it’s time to switch up the routine. ​Join Me Tonight​, launched this past January 2020, provides an alternative way to turn the small talk into real conversation. Skip the ​“What are you doing?”​, and cut out the ​“Just chilling, you?”​. Meet out in the real world, in real time, with real people, so you can discover a real connection.

Join Me Tonight​ allows you to make plans first, whether it’s happy hour at a local restaurant, a concert you’ve got an extra ticket to, or a group date to the movie theatre. Its features make it simple to find or create an event, set the specifics and invite like minded people that are up for the same adventure. Rather than sharing your interests over text, share them together over an experience of your choosing with ​Join Me Tonight​.

Other popular dating services and applications may​​connect you with a seemingly compatible match based on your location, age range, and a few mutual friends on your other social platforms. After a reciprocal swipe, you’re granted the opportunity to strike up a conversation and ask the usual questions to get to know one another. More often than not, you come to find several differences in taste, intentions and interests with this potential date and you start your search all over again. These overly saturated and crowded user bases leave you feeling doubtful of ever finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. ​Join Me Tonight​ offers a different approach with its event focused model, so you can stop wasting time chatting online with the wrong types and put yourself out there in situations that will lead you to the right ones.

As our society adjusts to every technological advance, more and more relationships are likely to start online. We’re relying less on our family members or close friends and putting our trust in internet algorithms to guide us to love. Stories of love at first sight, strange coincidences and catching your future partner’s eye across a crowded room are becoming extinct. It’s cringe worthy to picture yourself as a seventy year old telling the not-so-romantic story of falling for‘the one’ after a random “You up?” text message at three in the morning many summers ago. On Join Me Tonight, ​you can use the convenience of today’s technology without losing the chance to create your own special memory to share with your future grand kids.

It’s a whole new decade, and let’s face it, the way we’ve been swiping for love has gotten old. ​Join Me Tonight​ is putting the excitement back into dating by weaning us off our smart phones and paving the path to find real connections out in the real world.